Dazzle me megaways

Dazzle Me is the third slot available from NetEnt in the series of Megaways, and so far it is still the third casino game based on the hugely popular Disney animated series of characters. Megaways was developed in response to the popularity of Microgaming, and similar slots like Lucky Number among others. Dazzle Me is an exciting new release in the range of Megaways games, with many improvements on the previous games. As with any good slot game there are both positive and negative comments regarding the online version of Dazzle Me. This review will try to analyse the pros and cons of the game for those that have already tried it, as well as those that might be considering trying it.

The first positive thing about Dazzle Me is that the graphics are top notch. The whole layout of the game, including the bonus reel and even the mini-site itself look quite good, and the custom graphics are especially crisp and detailed. The sound effects are also quite good, with the buzzing and popping effect of the bonus reel being particularly nice. Another major plus is that Dazzle Me is one of the few slots where you can actually see the icons on the reels, allowing you to get a better understanding of what is happening on the screen. This helps enormously when trying to win, as you can accurately predict how much money you have in your bankroll.

Another major plus in terms of Dazzle Me slot are the simplicity of its design, which is probably one of the reasons why it’s quickly gaining in popularity. There are no confusing icons, and the layout of the game is just the same as any of the other Megaways that have preceded it. That simplicity makes it easy to learn how to play, and the fact that the reels are basically just horizontal images on a black background means that there is a lot of visual information to take in. Whether it’s the dazzling number of icons or the simple and effective way in which they are presented, Dazzle Me has got all the ingredients to be a winner on the net, and if you want to get the edge over your competition then this could very well be the slot machine for you.