Tequila poker

When it comes to the rules of Tequila poker, you don’t have to look very far. This popular card game is developed by a Delaware-based company called Alma Gaming LLC. The company has produced a variety of games for casinos and other gaming venues, including Casino Backgammon. The game has a unique payout structure, where you will be paid in proportion to the strength of your hand. If you aren’t familiar with it, the payout table can be found to the right of where the cards are dealt.

The rules of Tequila Poker are simple enough to be played even by novice casino players. The minimum bet is $0.05 while the maximum bet is $100. There are two options in the game: you can either ante or fold and you are automatically awarded the hand if you win. After you’ve accumulated enough money in the game, you can choose to play High Tequila or the regular game of poker. Depending on your preference, you can also choose to play High Tequila poker or simply fold your hand.

A high-value hand in Tequila poker is worth at least two pairs. A pair of aces wins the pot, while any pair of twos or higher pays out anywhere from two to 200 times your original bet. A pair of aces, however, is a push. However, you can still make a bet and win the game if you’ve got an ace or two pairs. This is because the face cards are worth more.