Yggdrasil the tree of life

Yggdrasil the Tree of Lives – Pros and Cons of Playing This Casino Online Game

Yggdrasil the tree of lives on the theme of Nordic lore. It initially held its popularity, but waned in favor of other games. Nevertheless, it still attracts hundreds of players. Besides the fact that it’s fun and entertaining, this slot has the potential to offer big wins. As such, it’s worth checking out. Listed below are the pros and cons of playing this slot game.

Yggdrasil the tree of lives slot machine features different symbols, each representing a different character. These symbols include a bird, a snake, a racoon, a deer, and more. The wild symbol is represented by a Viking-looking man. It’ll substitute for all other symbols, except for the scatter symbol. Matching five symbols will reward a maximum payout of 500 coins. If you get at least three wild symbols, you’ll win twenty coins.

The topmost branch of Yggdrasil houses the world of Asgard, while the remaining eight Norse realms are on the lower branches. The world of humans is called Midgard, while the realm of dwarfs and magic is called Svartalfheim. These nine realms are linked by Yggdrasil, which forms a bridge between worlds. Throughout the Norse myths, the tree serves as a gateway to many of the realms.

Yggdrasil the tree of lives has a unique all-pays system that pays out when three or more symbols are in position on a payline. The scatter symbol, meanwhile, is a bonus symbol that can award you with a maximum win of 500 coins. In addition to this, Yggdrasil the tree of life slot also features a scatter symbol, the game logo.