Epay Bg

Epay AD is the operator of the B-pay system and is a representative of the payment institution Easypay AD. It is a bank card processing service provider in Bulgaria. Founded in 2010, the company is the first Bulgarian payment processor to offer the Worldpay standard. Located in Sofia, Bulgaria, Epay AD processes over 30 million cards a month. Its services are available to merchants throughout the world. It has several advantages, including the possibility to accept international cards from almost any country.

Epay AD is a registered representative of the payment institution Easypay AD

Easypay AD is a Bulgarian company that provides payment services to a wide range of companies. The company operates the B-pay payment system. Easypay AD is a registered representative of a payment institution. It operates an internet payment service. Customers use the service to pay utility bills and other subscriptions. The company also maintains a list of merchants that it pays. The Bank can monitor and cancel these subscriptions. Easypay AD is certified by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI DSS) and is a Level 1 Service Provider.

As a leading online payment institution, EasyPay works with more than 2 million customers. It also partners with over 3000 online stores and 500 utility companies. EasyPay has a global presence and works with all the country’s banks, financial institutions, and government institutions to offer a range of payment services. EasyPay has offices throughout the world. This is a quick and convenient way to make online payments.

It is based in Bulgaria

Epay Bg is a credit card processing company based in Bulgaria. The company has a wide network of offices worldwide, but its primary focus is Bulgaria. The company has a license from the Bulgarian National Bank to operate as a payment institution. Among its recent developments is the launch of the Fexo Pay payment service for Bulgarians abroad. The company has also increased its office network outside of Bulgaria. It has partnered with MoneyTrans and Small World and has begun mutual cooperation with Ria Money Transfer.

It is a bank card processing service provider

Epay AD is a licensed payment service provider with the Bulgarian National Bank. It executes payment transactions on the Operator’s behalf. It complies with the applicable personal data protection rules. The company’s Statement of Privacy and Personal Data Protection details how your personal data is collected, processed and stored. Here, you can read the privacy statement to find out more about Epay’s data processing and security policies.

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