Online Casino’s Progressive Slots and Where to Find Them

If you’re looking for the best casino games to win life-changing jackpot prizes, then progressive slots are the games you want to play. The least you can earn in these casino games are a couple of thousand dollars, but it can go up to several million.

Traditional slot machines have fixed jackpot rates, but progressives don't. A percentage of each bet from everyone playing the game feeds the jackpot, which would continue to go up as long as many players are betting, and no one wins the prize money.

If you want to try your luck on a progressive slot, here’s a simple guide you need to read before placing your bets.

Types of Progressive Slots

progressive slots types

Progressive slot games come in three categories:

#1. Wide Area Network Progressive Slot Games

This type of progressive slot games links or connects video slots from multiple gambling sites in the same region or state. Because of its wider reach, the jackpot prizes can accumulate to massive sums. It's where you can usually find jackpot prizes, which can go up to several million.

The most popular casino software provider of Wide Area Network progressives is IGT, and its Megabucks slot is your top option to find life-changing jackpots.

#2. Local Progressive Slot Games

progressive slots local

Local progressives work like wide area network progressives. However, instead of linking slot machines from one casino to the other, it connects several slot games available only at a specific casino.

It allows you to play a few dozen titles to a hundred games, but still vying for the same jackpot money.

Local progressives have limited reach than Wide Area Network progressives, so there's less jackpot to win. Still, it can go from several hundred thousand to a million.

#3. Standalone Progressive Slot Games

Standalone progressives are similar to traditional video slots, except for the jackpot feeding on a percentage of bets from every gambler playing that specific slot. It's the progressive slot game that offers the least jackpot value but can still reach a few thousand.

Most Popular Progressive Slots

progressive slots most popular

Slot machines often take the majority of every casino lobby, and a portion of that are progressives. If you’re looking for the best progressive titles, here are the most popular options available.

  • Megabucks
  • Mega Moolah
  • Wheel of Fortune

Megabucks is the most popular, primarily because you can win 10 million to 100 million on it. But like any lottery game, the odds are high. You have one chance out of 50 million to win the massive jackpot from Megabucks.

Meanwhile, Mega Moolah will give you better odds, but at a significant slash from the jackpot prize that you can win. Mega Moolah's prize money is at least a million, which isn't so bad.

Wheel of Fortune is a well-known branded slot machine that offers a jackpot prize starting from $200,000. It reached a couple million before, but the jackpot usually gets won before it reaches a million value.

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